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1. Give your dogs 2-4 raw apricot seeds a day (medium size dog). This alone should keep your dog cancer free. These seeds (kernels has to come from raw apricots). Often the kernels you get in a regular health food store are roasted and the enzymes that works so well on cancer cells are destroyed in the heating process. 2. If you’re concerned about giving your dog optimal food and nutrition consider giving your dog the type of food it was designed for: Raw natural food. 3. Exercise your dog every day.
If your dog has cancer:
1. Purchase concentrated B-17 (amygdalin). You can get this from several sources online. I get mine from I recommend them because I have great experience with their service and super quick shipping time. I have used them for over 10 years now. I’m sure there are other good suppliers. Do a google seach. 2. Switch to raw natural food if you’re feeding commercial dog food. Most commercial dog food contain sugar and your dog does not need this. Sugar is a fuel for cancer and you want that out of your dog’s diet, especially if he/she battles aggressive cancer. 3. Make sure you dog gets zinc and vitamin D, it helps the B-17 work better. Other beneficial supplements are LDN (low dose Naltraxone), Artimisinin, several botanicals that works on blocking the RNA from affecting the DNA in healthy cells. (contact me for recommendations,
Here are the steps I use for reducing the risk of cancer:
I buy my B17 products from They ship fast and their kernels are fresh and of the best quality. If you buy your seeds from somewhere else make sure they are RAW (not precessed) and fresh. They also sell concentrated B-17 in capsules (B-17 extracted from apricot kernels, Amygdalin)). This is what you want if your dog has been diagnosed with cancer. I recommend the 100 mg capsules. Capsules can be opened and mixed into the food. Click on image to purchase at
That’s a good start. This could prevent and also kill off cancer cells in most cases. There are some cases where the cancer has done too much damage, in particular when organs are damaged, even B-17 can’t reverse that.
Success stories.
(My 14 year old Maltese) had a swollen belly. Abnormally large. I took her to vet. They ran x rays, blood count, liver panel,urinalysis. Doctor determined she had Cushings disease. There was a tumor at the pituitary gland causing an over production of hormones as the adrenal were over producing due to the tumor. He said he could put her on meds to adjust the hormones but that it was extremely dangerous..and could kill her. At the time of the tests..her liver was failing. On a level of 1To 10- ten being the worst, her liver was functioning at 8. He basically thought there was nothing he could do for her. She had stopped eating and drinking. Her bowel movements were yellow stringy piles.I had to force feed her water and special soft food. Because of the tumor near her brain. She was crying out all day, night from the pain of the growing tumor. I was devastated. I started giving her half seed a day...crushed and mixed with milk thistle tea(to aid the repair of her liver) orally with a child’s med dropper. Then upped it to one seed a day. Two weeks later, I took her back for duplicate tests. To make sure I was not harming her. The doctor, a specialist internist from Davis was amazed. The swelling of the belly was gone and new tests showed the liver functioning at six instead of eight. Four months later, she is like her old self. She went blind because of the tumor, but her appetite is back full force. She is no longer crying out in pain, finds her way to her food and water, goes outside for potty breaks on her own and is back in charge as the Alpha dog in the house. Even stealing Sophie’s food and treats just like before! It is quite simply more than I could ask for. My girl is back. The docs are dumbfounded and it is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Jason! A gentleman named Al from around my block who has a German Shepard named Duke told me in the local deli that his dog has cancerour tumors all over. Big tumors. He said he spent 7000$ for cat scans and other diagnostic procedures which all concluded 100% definite cancer. I ran him to my mother's house and gave him about a 1/4 bag of her supply (they are back ordered all over the US right now and I need MY seeds ). Told him to give them to his dog even if it throws up. Today, two weeks later as he was walking his dog, he came to my house. He made his Duke turn to where the biggest of the tumors had been. Nothing. A tiny lump compared to half a soft ball two weeks earlier. He told Duke to say good day to Uncle Jason. I'm family now. He said the first day or two that Duke regurgitated them. He fed them to him again and again until Duke accepted them. Al is in the truckers union. Said he will write up the short success story soon. I'll post it when he does. Judy Reesh has a dog that had a cancerous tumor in it's mouth. She crushed up seeds and put them in the dog's food for a while and the tumor went away....actually there's still a little lump but that's most definitely scar tissue and benign tumor...However, it shrunk down at least 90%. Dr. Shroeder's dog had cancer and he gave the dog the B17 or the vitamin...I didn't get the full story but I do know that his dog no longer has cancer. Henrieta's 14 year old dog has cancer all around his heart and a tumor on his head. The dog could hardly breath as it panted all day for air. The vet said in one week the dog will be gone. She gave her dog 6 seeds per day and in two weeks she called me nervous that her dog had diarrhea. Then she just happened to mention that the tumor on the head completely fell off and he's breathing normal now. I told her not worry about the diarrhea. (good advice aay) The dogs bowel system is probably re-straightening out. Dog cancer, tumor on foot in one week completely gone. I told them to (Nick and wife ) to take pictures because it would be gone in a short time. Of course they didn't. Melissa Clinco called about her dog which had a cancerous tumor on his foot. Her dog Tiffany, was going to have to have her foot amputated and was told that there would be more risk of the dog developing metastasized cancer afterwards. I told her to take pictures because the dogs tumor was going to be gone in just a couple of weeks. After two days I received a call that the tumor was about 25% shrunk and after two weeks it is completely gone. Unfortunately they forgot to take the pictures. John Hanna's dog has a cancerous tumor in his throat which is also in his brain. It has caused his head to lay all the way to one side, constant drooling, walks in circles, can hardly breath and can't really eat and swallow. I told him to give his dog a certain amount of the seeds and to call me in three days. In one day he reported that the dog was walking straight and in three days the dog is eating and breathing fine. One eye had been closed due to the paralysis which is now opening. John has about 20 unbiopsied moles on his body so I told him to eat the seeds so they fall off. In just a couple of days they have swelled up and are shinny....this is what happens before they fall off. Jeff James' cat has been through radiation as the tumor continued to grow. He started the seeds/vitamin b17 and the tumor has shrunk down in less than two weeks. Janie Miller called me up and reported that she had been giving her cat seeds every day and the tumors on her near her whiskers face were still growing. I told her that this is the first I've heard of something like this and there must be something wrong. After about 10 minutes of talking to her I found out that she had been cooking the seeds before giving them to her cat...This is wrong...all the important enzymes die when you do this. That's why health food stores DO sell DRIED apricot kernels...they don't work. Anyway, I called her today, about 5 days into giving her cat uncooked seeds and she reports that cat's face tumors are now shrinking and she's looking better already in just 5 days. Roger raises show dogs. Two years ago he told me how his dogs live to be about 8 years old and die of cancer. He had one dog that had lung cancer and was about to die. I told him to give the dogs the seeds and they will never die from cancer again. I just talked to him this month and the dog that was dying is alive with no trace of cancer. I was a little upset that he never called to let me know.
These are some of the testimonials that I and Jason Vale (Christian Brothers) have received over the years.
Feb. 1, 2012, Susan's horse Jack,was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his left nostril a few months ago. She emailed asking if the seeds could help. I told her absolutely and also about the famous Hoxey Cancer therapy discovered when Mr. Hoxey followed his cancer ridden horse into the woods to write down the herbs the horse was eating as the tumors shrunk.... She started the seeds and some herbs and now, three months later has e-mailed me the following note: Hi Jason! Just emailing with an update on my horse's success. His vet came out for a 3 month check-up on Friday and his carcinoma has shrunk!!! The outside swelling has visibly shrunk and the inside lesion is no longer ulcerated and only very tiny – and looking very healthy!! Unfortunately, because of the location of the carcinoma (very high up on the inside of his left nostril), it is not really possible for me to check its progress without her special instruments but she will come again in a few months to check. She wasn't familiar with the herbal remedy or the apricot seeds I'm treating him with but was amazed and really happy with the way things are looking. He's currently taking 6 seeds in the morning and 6 seeds in the evening … is it safe for him to continue on with this … should this dosage be reduced? Thanks very much
Teddy’s amazing story
On August 23th 2013 I got this email: Hey, My 5 yr old golden retriever/lab was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer this week. I just learned about apricot powers. How much of the B-17 capsules would I give him if I can get my hands on some? Thanks Sarah I told Sarah to get the 100mg of B-17 capsules and try to eliminate all sugars and switch to an all raw food diet.
This photo is taken 2 days after starting B-17 treatments (125 mg Novodalin tablets) After just 2 days the tumor is no longer red and infected. It’s now pink and the infection is reduced and almost gone.
15 days into the treatment. Teddy is healing nicely. No limping anymore and he eats and acts normal again.
28 days into the treatment. The tumor is down over 70%. Teddy is doing great. He is now on 375 mg of B-17.
2 months into the treatment and this aggressive cancer is close to gone.
Apricot power have put together a great package of essential supplements to fight cancer. This package includes Enzymes and B-15 both excellent in helping detoxifying waste products.
When the cancer is gone all you need to give is 3-5 seeds a day depending on the dogs size.
Teddy had an allergic reaction to something and it was causing him to lick and chew at his feet all the time so the lesion opened a bit more. His hair was also growing over it so when he wasn't chewing at it the air couldn't get at it. But, we trimmed the hair and whatever was bothering him isn't as much and now it's progressing again.
December 14th 2013. (4 months)
*Disclaimer. I only report what I have seen and experienced and I don’t claim I have a cure for cancer. If you decide to follow any of my advice you do that on your own risk.
Dejojo had developed a large tumor inside his mouth. The vet told the owner nothing could be done. The tumor had grown too large and removing it meant removing a large part of the mouth making it impossible for the dog to chew food. We started treatment on 11-25-09. The picture dated 12/2/09 is taken one week later and the tumor had already gone down about 25%. One month later the tumor was gone! See photo 1/1/10. Update: Dejojo is now 16 (Jan 2011) and still going strong!
For dosages and other information please contact me and I will take you through the process. I’m doing this as a service to your pet. All I want in return is a documentation on the success. Since you are on this page you should have my contact information. If no fill at the form on this page

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This book is for anyone who is sitting on the fence and wanting to switch their dog to a raw food diet yet are unsure how to do it. Maybe there is an element of fear or perhaps you are confused by the conflicting information online and in other books. Everything I describe in this book has been tested on my own dogs, and many others, over the last 15 years. This is a beginner’s guide to raw feeding that will provide you with all the information you need to get started. In purchasing this book, you also gain personal access to me. In the forum section of my website I will answer any questions or concerns you may have.
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Alex developed a huge tumor at the injection site of his rabies vaccination. Within 4month on a raw food diet and the seeds the tumor had shrunk 90%. It stayed like that but that was scar tissue from the dead tumor, something we see quite often.